The Big Anxiety Festival

I’m extremely proud to be part of this unique Sydney festival from 20th September to 11th November, 2017. As an ambassador to the festival I encourage you to visit the various activities and exhibitions that are a part of The Big Anxiety.

This inaugural festival, Big Anxiety, brings together artists, scientists and communities to question and re-imagine the state of mental health in the 21st century.

A radically new kind of international arts festival, in which every project is an open conversation, designed to promote curiosity, awareness and action, The Big Anxiety presents over 60 events across Greater Sydney, tackling the major anxieties of our times, as well as the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Laura O’Sullivan from THE DAILY TELEGRAPH writes:

“ONE in four of us will suffer from it in our lifetimes but how do you get people talking about anxiety?

The Big Anxiety Festival is heading to Sydney this month to change the way we think about mental health and help visitors improve their wellbeing via innovative arts, science and technology events.”  See the full article here

I will be participating in Awkward Conversations and Lived Experiences so come along and say hello, have a conversation or even have a look at my unique 3D Sculpture at the Museum Of Applied Arts and Sciences ( formally the Powerhouse Museum )

                         LITTLE BIG WOMAN: CONDESCENSION at the MAAS  


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 9.21.11 am

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