As part of my involvement in the Big Anxiety Festival I have  created a 3D sculpture in the studios of Louis Pratt, Australia’s leading practitioner of 3D printing art.  The piece is now completed in time for the festival opening and will be displayed prominantly in the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences ( formally the Powerhouse Museum).

1 Big Anxiety

The sculpture is called  “Little Big Woman: Condescension”

Here is the completed piece at the studio:

..and at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney

Listen to an audio description of the statue by Imogen Yang  from Insightful 

Antonette Collins from the ABC News reports:

As a woman with achondroplasia, or dwarfism, she is used to surviving and thriving in a hostile environment.

“I will get glances, I will get furtive looks, points, stares, laughter and sometimes insults and abuse. And all I want to do is just walk down the street.”

“My dwarfism does not disable me. What disables me is people’s attitudes to the dwarfism.”

Keenahan wants to confront issues about her condition head on and has created a life-sized 3D print of her body for a sculpture she has called Little Big Woman: Condescension.

The work takes the form of a classical statue, where the gaze of the spectator is reversed.

See the full report here

Louis and I working on the piece.

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